All Homeowners’ Associations have covenants, and many have related design guidelines. Both are intended to preserve and promote property values and protect homeowner investments by ensuring everyone that certain things cannot be done that could have a negative impact on property values. The guidelines in Windhorse Manor Estates are in place to enhance the beauty and promote a specific character of Extraordinary Country Estate Living.


Homeowner fees pay for Common Area maintenance such as snow removal, cutting of grass, spraying of weeds, tree/plant watering and care, in addition to taxes, insurance, public lighting at the front entrance and mail structure, accounting / legal fees and administrative supplies. Remaining HOA funds are committed to community enhancement projects. Homeowner fees have been set at $1800 plus gst ($1890 including gst) until further notice.

Board of Directors

Elected Board for 2023-2024

President – David Simpson
Vice President – Greg Hillaby
Treasurer – Mike Strauss
Secretary – Raj Bhogal